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Wednesday, 21 April 2004


Kimberley Cooper Kissoyan

Dear Tboy:

As one of the founding members of Phoenix Theatre DC and its current Executive Director, I just want to go on record that we did pay the rights we were told to pay for our Helen Hayes eligible production of The Blue Room by David Hare in 2002 (and, if necessary, I will pull the cancelled check).

I imagine that in this case, perhaps this is an unfortunate situation in which the difference in size betwen Signature and Phoenix Theatre DC has come into play? Perhaps it has something to do with our non-Equity status? I am not sure and would have to do some research in order to determine where the mix up lies, but it is not a question of whether or not we had and paid the rights. And it is the case that we produced the first professional production of The Blue Room by David Hare in DC.


Kimberley Cooper Kissoyan
Phoenix Theatre DC

Well Traveled - Long Memoried

I would urge my delightful colleagues at Phoenix not to feel slighted. I recall Signature presenting "Available Light" by Heather McDonald several years ago and billing it as a World Premiere. Imagine my surprise to find that this was the same "Available Light" I had seen at Actor's Theatre of Louisville in 1985. I guess Signature just feels a script hasn't been done until they've done it.

dramaturg boy

Sam French has a history of not realizing that Northern Virginia is a part of the DC metropolitan region. In 1987 they gave the professional rights to Athol Fugard's Blood Knot to both American Showcase Theatre (now Metrostage) and The Washington Stage Guild fro simultaneous productions, and when queried on the discrepancy argued that the productions shouldn't conflict because they were in different states.

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