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Thursday, 13 May 2004



Maybe it was an act of kindness: they were rushing us out to help us work off the beef/rice/cheese/pastry/"your waddle is shaking your wattles" buffet. Here's hoping for more vegetables next year? Please??


As I was being "ushered out" at 12:30am with the rest of the surprised party-goers (in the past I remember the party lasting at least until 1 or 2 am!), I ran into the lovely lady in pink that was the main organizer on the ground level of the event. I asked her what all the "lights up/get out" was all about and she informed me that the KC gave the HH committee 2 hours after the end of the awards ceremony and after that they would be charged overtime for all the staff and would be charged extra for the rental of the space, lights, etc...so that's why.

Apparently, this was a new rule the KC has added this year. Drat!

Oh, and I found the buffet totally sub-standard compared to the delicious offerings of years past.

And one more thing, as upset as I was about Tracy Olivera's total snubbing in this year's nominations (she should have been nominated for either her stellar turn as Young Sally in FOLLIES at Signature or as the lovely "Back on Bass" gal in CLOSER THAN EVER at MetroStage), I felt the HH organizers redeemed themselves by at least allowing her to perform in the opening and closing ceremonies.

BTW, I felt the overall organization of the ceremony itself, with a wide variety of scenes from the nominated plays, and musical numbers, was much much improved. The show zipped by compared to previous, dull, years. Except the person who ran the sound should be fired. There's no excuse for a shining star like Judy McLane to not have her mic on during her brilliant performance of "Could I Leave You?". That was one of many sound/mic flubs during the 2 and 1/2 hour ceremony.

So I guess what we lost in the food and party department, we gained in the awards ceremony?

"Ya can't have it all!" as my Grandma always said.


Here is my take on the after party. IS it me or was there just a lack of prep. Beer ran out as soon as I got to the bar. I think the thinking was we would hit the hard liquor and wine harder than good old malty goodness, but I speak for many when I say how the hell do you run out of beer in the fist half hour. I also noticed a certain trend towards inexperience in the serving staff. In years past there has been a no glass rule in effect for the outside terrace and smokers and smoker groupies were made to pour their beverage into a plastic cup. This makes sense and also meant that there was a bar located outside thus decreasing the need for everyone to crowd aroud the bars inside. Both these things seemed have been thrown out for some reason.
Oh and the show was moderately less painful.

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