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Thursday, 18 March 2004


artistic director-boy

Danny was done in the '80s, directed by John Neville Andrews (Kahn predecessor) and featuring Kathryn Kelley and Brian Hemmingsen. Forget the name of the theatre, but it doesn't exist anymore. I will ask brian at rehearsal tomorrow; i'm sure he will remember. It was while i was out of town, so probably around '85. He has a picture of the show on his wall. in case you or Gary Maker ever make it over to his place in Mount Rainier...

theater man

I remember seeing a production on the Olney porch of Danny...Sea about six or seven years ago with Tim Carlin and, I think, Christine Tivel. Maybe directed by Ben Fishman? Slight production values, but strong performances as I remember.

dramaturg boy

The production done by John Neville-Andrews was at New Arts Theater, which performed at All Souls' Unitarian Church, more recently the home of The No-Neck Monsters Theatre Company. New Arts was run by a woman named Camilla David, who was at the time married to Neville-Andrews. They also did the play Summit Meeting (about the mistresses of Hitler and Mussolini, and which featured a very young Michael Russotto) and A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square which boosted Grover Gardner's and Nancy Robinette's early careers.

dramaturg boy

It's been pointed out to me by some carping critic that the title of the play was actually "And a Nightingale Sang." There was also a certain amount of whinging that I'd omitted other cast members (TJ Edwards in particular). Nothing about my comment had implied that it was a comprehensive rundown of the damn show, but if it makes some poor soul feel better to find fault, far be it from me to protest.

artistic director boy

someone needs to change his name to "hypersensitive dramaturg boy." excuse my precision, and explain to me what "whinging" is. richard mancini and nancy grosshans were also in it, and though i may carp, it was a low blow to call me a critic. i greatly appreciate that you supplied the name of the theatre, which i couldn't, and reminded me of its other production. i can return the favour by reminding you that gen. patton's grandaughter who was involved with no neck monsters is named helen.

dramaturg boy

Everyone knows that dramaturgs are the powder kegs of the theatrical community, always ready to blow up over the slightest hint that they don't know everything. It's one of the occupational hazards of working in the theatre, and we all know that chastened look on the face of a Michael Kahn or a Joy Zinoman when the d'turg has witheringly informed them that they've allowed someone to mispronounce something or that they've overlooked a joke based on some nicety of Victorian funeral etiquette. So, hypersensitive? It comes with the territory. Having said that, thanks for Helen Patton's name and the reminder of Richard and Nancy's participation. Will anybody be arguing about who was in our recent shows 20 years from now?

Getting back to Shanley, it was Project Y who did Italian American Reconciliation at Source, although Round House also did it some time ago. I'll let artistic director boy give the cast list, he enjoys that so much.

artistic director-boy

all of the roles in both the round house and project y productions of "italian american reconciliation" were played by eric sutton.

Just a designer

It was Richard Romagnoli who directed Project Y's Italian American Reconciliation.

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