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Thursday, 23 June 2005



I don't think its diva-esque. If it was before a show, the crew was interrupting her routine (if it wasn't then, well ... then she was just being pushy).

Still, actors have their own ways of getting prepped that should be respected. Perhaps she could have handled it better; but, whoever the Southern Belle was ... good for her!

Mr. Grumpy

I absolutely disagree. When are we in this business going to learn we have NO right to act like spoilt children. Just because we're artistic and stuff...that gives us no license to act like a brat. That southern dame should take herself a little less seriously. There's a lot more suffering going on in this world than one broad not being able to get into her dressing room. If she wants to act like a child, she should be treated like one. A spanking, early bed and no dinner.


So, Grumpy, since you are "artistic and stuff", what acting method to you ascribe to? Meisner, Stanislavsky, Srasberg, Chekov? There are many approaches to approaching the stage, and many require preparation time. AND, this is time that many actors take into account when they plan their arrival at their dressing room.

Even if its "in your underpants at 'Places'" actors use their dressing rooms as a place where they can relax, focus, and not have to be looked at (Uta Hagen emphasized this). Even if you don't ascribe to this (and just show up), you should have an idea of how others feel about their rooms. Right? Or are you just as disrespectful to your friends and their personal space (even if it is provided by a producing body)?

Also, where are these audio tapes? Just how much of a huff was raised? And, it would be unfair to not think that this Southern Belle is under a sizeable amount of stress if someone is taking time to make a film about the show that she, I assume, is a leading lady in ... so cut her some slack and give her the breathing room she needs.

Mr. Grumpy

I hear you about the need for space. I'm a professional actor, I know its importance. But I'm sure aforementioned Diva could have handled it much better, providing what was captured on the audios was truly inappropriate. And for the record, did she pay for that dressing room? Does she pay rent? I don't think so. That room is just about as much hers as my office cubicle is mine. If you're talking about people invading her home, that's one thing. But a dressing room? Sugar needs to take herself less seriously.


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Well, none of was there, so we don't know if the individual in question was taken by surprise by the crew, but, though she may have had a case for going to the stage manager and requesting that her dressing room be emptied of all non-authorized personel, there is no excuse for throwing fits backstage - if that is what happened. I wasn't there, I don't know.

For one thing, what about one's fellow actors? I once had to go onstage in the aftermath of a tantrum on the part of another actor - a tantrum in which I was not involved but merely witnessed - and all I can say is it was a violation of MY process.

I'm sick of the glorification of Divaism. The post has run at least two interviews that i can recall with actors who proudly equate being difficult with the quality of their work.

I agree with them. The energy they spend being difficult DOES have an impact on the quality of their work. A negative impact. These actors (like the individual under discussion, if it is who I think it is) are like the main character in "Being Julia." Where there was once a spark now there is only affectation.


I don't know any details of this incident... but (a) diva fits at one's place of work are inappropriate and unattractive, and (b) Actor's Equity rules state no non-cast members are allowed backstage after half-hour.

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