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Wednesday, 27 July 2005



Cut yourself some slack, TBoy: with the turnover rate at WSC and all the other DC companies you cover, how can you keep everyone straight? I see the irony, though.

By the way--I'm wondering why you don't read WSC press releases. Do you find them useful? I don't want you to give up any secrets here, but I'm curious to know what does and doesn't catch your eye.


It's not a WSC thing. Mostly it's habits and logistics. I rarely look at releases in general, unless I've somehow made it all the way to the theater without finding out what the show's about, and that's reasonably rare.

Often it's simply that they get sent to City Paper, and I work from home. Even when I get 'em in e-mail, though, I'm more likely to check a theater reference or Google to read up on a show or a playwright I haven't encountered.

And even when I do look at a release--which I admit can be useful as a way of letting you in on what the hell that director was thinking--I usually skim it. And what with the contact info usually being in the top right, it's not likely to register...


Does that mean you haven't been reading the secret messages I have been sending you in the press releases? Well I for one am a little shocked.


I might agree with everyone that Mr. Anthony is not the most credentialled reviewer but for a theater the likes of WSC to “uninvite” him and complain about a couple of typos in the reviews, is really insane given their very shaky standing in the theatre community. I very much agree with the person who said that WSC should put anybody who shows up in their rickety seats and be happy about it! And they have quoted him in their ads. Pitiful behaviour on their part. All part of the "holier than thou" attitude they have over there...
Hang in there, Mr. Anthony! Not everybody hates you!


One reason Theaterboy has not heard from Mr. Hardee is that Mr. Hardee was just 'installed' as PR person, this patron has heard, in the last 4 or 5 months. Don't worry Theaterboy! Nobody else can keep track neither!

Jay Hardee

I don't know why I feel compelled to respond to this. It's not like I don't have better to do. But I resent the shadowy implications of northernexposure's statement I was 'installed' as PR Director. I donate everything I make as PR Director back into the marketing budget and then some. I don't really appreciate being cast as some kind of conspirator when I am volunteering time and donating resources to the theatre. People are free to question my judgment about removing Bob Anthony from the press list. I agree it is embarrassing that we ever quoted him on a poster. I had nothing to do with that decision. But I also do not feel bound by stare decisis to continue treating REVIEWS4U as a legitimate press outlet. But that is not why I'm writing. I just wanted to make the terms of my 'installation' more clear.

Bob Anthony

Well Mr. Hardy makes spelling errors also...it is Review4u. Maybe this will get him fired. Now is the time to tell him that I have taught speech, drama and language for 40 years at George Washington University and Howard University and I am a know expert on "ebonics" for which I received my doctorate degree. 'nuff said! Also, for the past 15 years all of my work in theater and the arts is on a volunteer basis!

Jay Hardee

My bad. Thanks for keepin' it real.


Mr. Anthony, to the best of my knowledge, is a reveiewer/critic because he won the lottery and thus has been able to volunteer all of his time to the arts for the last 15 years. While I admire his passion for the theatre, I have read more unnecessarily cruel, personal criticisms of actors in his writings than in any other reviews. And he has a curious relationship with the English language.

I believe WSC should be free to comp or not comp anyone they please.

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