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Wednesday, 31 August 2005



Ahem. You WILL inform us of any public class performance we may attend. Are we clear?

Thank you. Carry on.

George Spelvin

I was quite the Marryin' Sam in my day, if I do say so myself, and I might as well since no else who saw it would.

Break a leg, T'boy, and have fun.


...and I was Lil' Abner. Wow..a reunion cast of Theatreboy regulars, anyone?
Can there be a dog at the end, too?

Still Alert

I'll bring the Kick-a-poo Joy Juice, having made my musical debut as Lonesome Polecat ("Indian Brave")in college in 1976. I was so young and naive, I had no idea the REAL reason my character and Hairless Joe were "livin' and sleepin' and doin' housekeepin' in big subterranean cave...". Musical Comedy's first same-sex domestic partnership?

Sadly, we had no dog at the end, but we did have a real pig (named "April") for Moonbeam McSwine to carry around...That pig even got its own reserved space in the parking lot!

still alert

...and now that I recall, the talk in the dressing room was, "Is that pig called April because it's the month she was born in, or the month she'll be done in?"

No more proof needed that actors are a carnivorous lot: we eat our own.

Good Luck, T-Boy!


I have to chime in..L'il Abner was my musical theatre stage debut as well (as a Scragg) at the age of 6! Ah, joy!

Too Old, Too Tired

I'll come too. I played the scientist who takes Abner away from Dogpatch. One of those great, one scene, one featured number parts that didn't require constant attendance at rehearsals.

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