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Tuesday, 27 September 2005



I'm going to see Passion Play at Arena on Sunday and dreading the 4 hours I'll spend in the theatre. I was in a 4 hour show some years back, that got great reviews, as this one did, so I say to myself: "Self, give it a chance." So I read Peter Marks glowing review of the show and am in a pretty good mood about it. Then I see that two users have left 2 star ratings for the show and talk about walking out.

So I click on the first review and I kid you not, this guy says he walked out because 2 men kissed on stage and he wasn't warned. Gunshots that cause heart attacks, atmospheric effects that hurt asthma suffers, strobes or flashing lights for epileptics, all of these I can understand.

But homophobia?

My wife put it best when she recommended in all seriousness that she would like to be warned if anybody was going to do anything nasty with a plant.

So yeah, I guess you missed that. Unless anyone has objected to his 'objections', I'll bet the user review is still there. He even signed it with what appears to be a real name.

Welcome back, btw.

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