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Wednesday, 09 November 2005



Not acting is even scarier. I know that it sounds like rhetorical clap trap but lets be honest. Most of the people who act one of our greatest fears is never getting to do it again. TB everyone has days where it just seems impossible, the days you act for are the one's where you can do no wrong. And there are damn few of them.


damn you, now I'm trying to figure out who that person is.

As small as the theatre community can seem at times, I bet I know maybe 10% of the people in shows in this city....


Someone who auditioned at Shenandoah Shakespeare for their season, no doubt. Probably a youngish actor, 20-30, obviously female. Well, there's 50% of the acting community.


I am not sure about this,
but I have a reasonable hunch that she was the actress in the recent 'The Chairs' at Round House Silver Spring.


The fear of not acting is definitely greater than the fear of acting. As an actor I absolutely relish the fears that come along with the first read-thru, the first time putting a scene on its feet, the first intimate stumblings with another actor, the first audience, the first time you go up on your lines, and the myriad of other chasms we must leap over. But the fear that comes when the curtain falls on closing night and you know that tomorrow everything will be safe; that's paralyzing.


O, would that drama critics in DC
Might set aside their egos for a bit
And dare to step on stage like our TB,
Sans net, relying not on rapier wit;

But we do not require of our press
An understanding of the thing they see
Before they flay our work and then address
Their plot summation to the nth degree.

O, what I’d give to see our fearless Trey
Assay the part of wizard Prospero.
(While I’m impressed, I hope that I can say
I pray he doesn’t channel Ross Perot.)

So thanks, TBoy, for giving us this blog
As proof that all past is, indeed, prologue.


i believe the writer of that blog is margot white. she was in labute's "shape of things" at studio a few years ago. she talks about the production in her blog in the fall 2002 archives.

her bio



Loath though I am to say this -- what *am* I thinking? -- it turns out there may very well be a semester-ending showing.

Which may very well be open to a limited number of non-Georgetown people.

So I can't believe I'm saying this, but: Stay tuned. There may be a sign-up sheet.


Can we come and criticize your acting afterwards? Heehee.


That was the idea. All's fair, and whatnot. (And hey, at least then we'd all know who we all are...)



I am not sure I want to know who we all are. I am not even sure I want to know who I am. And can we please keep the poetry to a minimum some of us are trying to sleep over here.


holy shiite muslim, batman! sign me UP, TBoy!

dcepticon: sorry 'bout waxing prosodic, but glad to hear it isn't soporific. ;) (lord i love me my big dorky words).

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