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Monday, 23 January 2006



I linked to it from www.dctheatrereviews.com Clicking on the link from there will open a flash player in your browser. Click on the little blue arrow.


Being your first guest was an honor, but the Eleven O'Clock Number was awe-inducing. Seriously, that alone made the download worthwhile. And congrats on the whole program - it sounds great (even the stuff that doesn't include me).


There was a part of the show where I swear I heard back masking. Something like "I love feet" or "Eat more Meat."


It was good! Kates interview was delightful, though you really didn't need to keep pressing her to explain why she should feel different or unique for playing the jilted lover of an oaf just because she's big...

The guy from Ford's couldn't have been more boring. Unless it had been 6 minutes of dead air.

The 11 O'Clock Number was unique, and I love the idea of it. Where in the hell did you find some arcane German camp-queen? The effort is as inspiring as the artistry.

I give you a standing "O". You can decide what that means on your own.

And I'd be interested in picking up where Cherry Red left off... Kate--call me! (you too, Ian)


Thanks for the great show!

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