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Thursday, 09 February 2006


Freddy Wertham

Is it me or do you have beef with Signature Theatre? I've seen a lot of pot shots taken at them and not as many at others.


Fear not, there will be potshots (but Tboy hopes never cheap shots) at other theaters as soon as they provide the ammunition.

Meanwhile if you need a fix immediately, you might try the archives. The nice people at Washington Shakespeare Company, Source Theatre, and Arena Stage, for starters, will I'm certain be happy to provide helpful links.

As he mentioned, this press release was the first Helen Hayes brag to hit Tboy's inbox. And that genuinely is one of his major pet peeves. And it was right there in the second sentence, begging to be jumped on with both feet.

Tboy thought he was being kind using only the one.


i don't know if i'd be more irked by the dangler or by the bragging.

i got an email yesterday from someone who sent a mass email to several dozen colleagues announcing his own nomination and comparing it to being nominated for a Tony. i'm thrilled because he's thrilled, but i've always felt bragging is best accomplished through others. or bios. or blogs.

and it's best seasoned by gratitude and humility, if only false.


I'm a little confused... was is a press release from Signature or a press release about the HH? I only question because I have seen basically the same working in other articles about the noms.



OMG yeah!


While we're on pet peeves, I've got to call you on your use of "firstly" and "secondly" in the T.O. discussion thread. Aren't "first" and "second" sufficient? Where's my Strunk and White...?


Yes and noDepends on whom you ask.

But Tboy is delighted that you care.

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