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Wednesday, 22 February 2006



I and another once put out a girls hair at Playbill one night.
I think my exact words were, "something smells like buring hair!" and in fact her hair was on fire.
Luckily I remembered that in Bill Clinton's first year in office a little girl had gotten her hair set on fire by some holiday candles and he used his hands to pat them out.
God he was a role model.
Good times good times.


There's a story of a production of Glass Menagerie at Catholic(?) a while back where, in the final moments, Laura's hair caught fire in her birthday candles. I believe the improvised final line that night was "Blow our your hair, Laura."


God, don't you hate it when you misspell a punchline? Guess that's what the preview button is for.

That should read:

"Blow out your hair, Laura."

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