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Thursday, 02 February 2006



wow. nice reporting. thanks for all the detailed scoop. that's big math.

i wonder if the "perfectly nice" new owners would let us trash the place in a farewell shindig before demolition. could be a fundraiser to further source's effort at reincarnation.


er, i mean, "to further source's effort at paying the people they still owe munny to."

same thing, i guess.


yes great reporting indeed! do you know if Source is definitely going to resurrect itself in the future in a different venue?


Still reporting this, and still no comment from the Source. I'm updating the story for the City Paper, so for now I'm not going to be doing more here. I'll post a link when we publish. E-mail me if you've got information that would help illuminate the story.


Not relevant to the Source saga, but a bit of happy news......

Did anyone catch local actor extraordinaire Marty Lodge in tonight's episode of "Grey's Anatomy?" I did a double, then a triple take - it was a real shocker, one of the season's best episodes... and another fine performance from a terrific actor. What a pleasant surprise!

It's always fun to see local talent on prime time television (after the Super Bowl, nonetheless)!

idontwanna waitinvain

I didn't see it but (I know His Lodgeness from 20 years ago and wish him nothing but the best) let's hope it does not mean what it usually means when you see our peeps on tv. Usually it means they had to go elsewhere if they wanted to suport themselves as performers.


So ABC loved Marty Lodge ("His Lodgeness," lol) so much that they're re-airing Sunday night's episode tonight.

That, or they have nothing else to fill up the 9:00 slot.

I'm supposed to care?

I just received an email "call to arms" from Dorothy Neumann via Chris Henley's email list on the impending doom of Source. Is it bad that I don't care, and in fact, am pretty excited to shoot some pool in the new place?

The email actually made me laugh a little, it sounded like a World Bank rally or something. Where were these freedom fighters when Source sat dark for two years or more? Honestly curious, was anyone trying this whole time to get Source's ass out of the fire? I work around that area, and all I saw were tagged front doors and dark lights inside (aside from ATW's occasional occupation). I never heard of any fundraisers for the company. There was no massive public donation to relieve their debt. I never heard a peep of progress on the resurection of Source and there weren't even hints of a reopening any time soon.

I see that ATW has put up a giant banner and changed the tagged doors, but that's the most activity I've seen in that space in a long time. Too little, too late? Best let them move on and make something productive of the location.

The theater scene doesn't seem to want it, or we'd have united to bail out their massive debt and it would have been back in full production long ago.


A distinction needs to be made between Source the company and the building Source Theatre Company occupied.

It doesn't look as if anyone is trying to save the company or suggesting that the company should save itself.

The building on the other hand...The thing is that so many companies teeter on the brink of financial ruin for long periods of time that it's unlikely the rest of the community really saw this coming. If they had, one or more companies could have been angling to get ahold of that space. As it came to pass, by the time anyone knew what was happening it was a done deal. Which is not to posit a conspiracy theory - the board of Source doesn't have to publish the minutes on the DC Theatre Listserve everytime they have a meeting. They're probably tired of being saddled with what feels like an albatross and did what for them was the right thing.

The call to arms is quite likely a day late and a few million dollars short. But it is too bad that one or more of the companies who would actually use the space won't get a crack at it.

Fruit salad

Several local companies WERE interested in, some might say salivating at the prospect of, taking possession of 1835 14th Street NW, but stonewalling, some might say stonewalling, by the Source board eliminated that possibility. It almost seems as though the Source board was the party most interested in seeing the space converted into an upscale pool hall, rather than seeing another company or collective of companies succeed where it couldn't.


If THAT is true, that should be the next story written about this. T-Boy? Come on.

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