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Monday, 13 February 2006



NO, I wouldn't make the file any smaller...it downloads quite quickly for me, and it's already a little quiet (sound quality).
I missed the run-down of shows coming out on the last episode--the more segments, the better! I did really enjoy the interview, though.

--I've downloaded from your site so far, but just subscribed from iTunes today. Worked fine...easy to find.

--I listen to podcasts quite often, so the main positive about the show is having a podcast soley devoted to our little community.

--Having interviews with local artists is great.

--I don't go crazy over the music selections, but that's just me, and I'm sure most everyone else loves them~ (I do applaud their "off-the-beaten-path-ness", though)

--Maybe a segment on the Helen Hayes noms? I love critical banter about the Oscars, so maybe it would be fun to hear your thoughts about the HH process and results? Maybe a pannel discussion?

Random ramblings~


i think the podcasts are swell. i like the idea of you interviewing various up-and-coming theatre folk around town.

ooh, you should gather all the cattiest anonymous commenters on this blog together for a segment! how fun would that be!

or you could have a game show of some sort every once in a while. you know, just to mix it up.


I just got an iPod last month. Thanks for introducing me to the world of podcasts! I went a little OCD and downloaded five other ones...

I didn't have a problem with downloading it at all, and finding it on iTunes was quite easy. I'm only sorry that only the second podcast was listed and not the first.

Rock on T-boy! I look forward to the next one!


T-Rae sez:

"... the second podcast was listed and not the first."

Hmmm. In theory, when you search on "Theaterboy" in the iTunes Music Store, you should find the show's main page. If you click on "Subscribe" there, you should be taken to the Podcasts list in your iTunes music library, and the Show That Goes... should be added to the list of 'casts you're subscribed to. And you should see all available episodes there, under the main show heading; only the most recent will download unless you tell iTunes to get all of them.

Hope that's helpful.


I went back the next day and found it--loved the interview with Ms. Kate! The echo in the room didn't bother me, and I found it funny that you forgot to turn off your cell phone.

And perhaps I should be e-mailing you this, but what the heck, maybe others who have no life like me are wondering this too--are you listening to anything new on your iPod? I only ask because after listening to two "Eleven O'clock Numbers," it seems you have a varied and unusual music collection, but as I now look to my right, I'm staring at the same albums...Not trying to tell you how to run your blog, just an interested listener...

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