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Monday, 13 February 2006



Thanks, Tboy, for the update. If we didn't get the behind-the-velvet-rope scoop from you, where else would we turn?

I'm glad you shed some light on the Post's perspective here.


I am appreciative as well, T-Boy. Closure is good. Now I gotta get out and build my snowman before it melts tomorrow...


Now that T.O has decided to take down her website I feel that a .PDF of it should not be hosed on this website, it was her work and if she decided to take it down it should not be hosted on this site w/o her permission.


Like I said before(in that other thread), I think this turned out well for everybody. It might have been slightly embarrassing, but TO got to work on stuff she's more comfortable with, we lost a critic who wasn't a 'favorite' of the drama nerds, and the Post is continuing to review and cover small theatres the same as before. I wish TO the best and hope she flourishes in her new duties. And I am thankful we got the early scoop, TO's take on it, and the Post's take on it.


Thank you for the scoop. To me, all this points to a larger problem with the Post's coverage in recent years. DC theater has certainly felt the effects of editorial choices that prefer covering the latest juke-box musical in New York over offerings in the actual community the paper is based in; where a review will languish in an editor's inbox for several weeks, only to be published with a weekend of performances left out of a four-week run; where a critic has a lack of knowledge and interest in the product they're reviewing, believing that what they are about to see is "second string". How can that NOT cloud the review? I just hope all this gets the powers that be at the Post to take a long and hard look at the editorial choices they have been making as regards the review process. Best wishes to T.O. - I just wish she had made her feelings of discomfort known sooner.


Its nice that the Post and T.O were able to work things out so that she wont have to review theater anymore, she didn’t seem to be enjoying doing that, but will still be able to review movies and music.

The best thing that could happen is maybe she will now be able to go to a local theater, just watch the play, and enjoy herself.


Does anyone know if this is the Mike Cavna who used to work at the San Diego Union-Tribune?

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