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Thursday, 09 February 2006



It actually is from a calander that we (the cast)made...Representing what he and I sang about in the song, "The Game".
(The twins we took a ride with).


Naked baseball players? Hmm. Think I saw that show somewhere else, too...


Hey TBoy-
Did you ask permission from SGS to display his images onto your site? If not, you should really take it down, simply becuase that's wrong and it's not like you've been in the right recently.


Looks like SGS commented above and did not have issues with it's use...


Dear concerned:

First(ly): Heavens. You spent 4 minutes and 39 seconds on the site, looked at 6 pages, and that's all you can find to snipe about?

Moreover: You're ignorant. Tboy doesn't mean to be harsh, merely descriptive: Suggesting that it's wrong to showcase a photo that another blogger has posted on his site displays a fundamental ignorance of the way the Web works. Consider Google News, which doesn't own the copyright to any of the photos it displays, but nonetheless uses them to anchor links to the articles said photos illustrate.

Sixth and lastly: You're right. (Accidentally, Tboy suspects; stopped clocks twice a day, and all.) But still: Because Tboy was in something of a hurry when he posted that item, he made a quick local copy and incorporated that, rather than spending the time to code a link that would merely point to the photo hosted on SGS. (The former is much simpler within Tboy's blogging software, and Tboy had reason to believe SGS wouldn't mind.)

The stick-up-the-ass protocol, of course, is to construct the link so that SGS's intellectual property is not reproduced on Theaterboy.net. Because you appear to have a stick up your ass about it, the shortcut has now been replaced with the proper coding -- so whenever SGS chooses to banish the photo on his end, it will also disappear here.

To conclude: Without wishing to be rude--he understands that English may not be your first language--Tboy offers this bit of usage advice: The verb "display" typically takes the preposition "on," rather than "onto."

With love,


You know who

Egads! If you know how long we linger on your site then it's also likely that you know who we are and most embarassingly (what an awkward word) for me, just how often we visit! Well I must admit, the obsession is growing.

There, I've said it. I'm a Tboy junkie. Pull the plug.


Yeah, I have to say...when I saw it on here, I thought...wow. I guess I did put it out there on my site, and anyone can take it...but I must admit, I was a little embarassed for that particular picture to appear on here as well. I felt the need to comment and at least explain what it was, but felt like I didn't want to be a titty baby about it, because it is my own fault I posted that picture. I really did that, however, because the Damn Yankees cast was aware of my blog, and I wanted to put pictures up specifically that they would laugh at.
The othere actor pictured, Parker Esse, saw that this picture was up, and thought it to be hysterical...I don't particularly mind showing off this picture, because I look damn good...but now this all leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, because it makes something that was supposed to be so fun and happy, something not that at all.
I have removed the picture from StephenGregory.blogspot.

Please don't criticize my spelling or writing, either...I do the best I can.

Still Alert

T-boy's point to "Concerned" can be elaborated upon: there seems to be more than one misunderstanding of how the internet works.

Both The Post's Tricia and Molly Smith's StephenGregory have lately been reminded that what is published on their personal blogs may be "personal," but is definitely not "private."

Anything on anybody's blog is open for viewing by everybody with a modem and a mouse; bloggers who are surprised by that fact are unclear about the workings of the internet.

We owe neither T.O nor SGS apologies for viewing, discussing, and disseminating what they themselves published on their sites.

To paraphrase Grandma Sugarbaker, "If you don't want people to see it, don't put it out on your front porch."


One thing is for sure. The Internet is loaded with Internet experts.

view - yes
discuss - yes
disseminate - be very careful

May websites have "use licenses".

still alert

Thanks for your internet expertise, Ronnie. It is appreciated.


I am far from an expert, if I were I would figure out a way to double the readership on my site.

What I do believe though is that we need to respect others and think a bit about the other guy before reporting something that may hurt them professionally or personally.

I honestly think a lot of the gossip stuff while very popular can backfire and hurt people.


Still Alert...how DARE you compare me to T.O....
2 different things, buddy boy.
I am not remorse laden, yet am saddened by the use of my features.
By friends.
If it were someone I didn't know, I'd feel different.
I've been a friend to this site.
It feels worse.
What is your real name, by the way?
Stephen Gregory Smith

still alert

oops, no offense was meant to SGS (or anybody!). My intention, which I obviously didn't fulfill very well, was to note the coincidence of two local bloggers being unhappily surprised that items they posted on their personal websites were repeated and discussed elsewhere. (And frankly, to register my surprise at their surprise, given the realities of the internet world).

But apologies to SGS and anyone who might have been offended. I agree with Ronnie that gossip can sometimes backfire and hurt people, which I hope is never anyone's intention.

BTW, I enjoyed the SGS pic, which was cute and fun with a bit of whimsy, a quality I know I lack but admire in others...


For what it's worth, fun and whimsy were exactly what Tboy saw in the photo, and fun and whimsy characterized the spirit in which it was referenced here.

Tboy is startled to discover that the post may have caused Stephen any discomfort. His assumption has been that this blog doesn't reach a much wider audience -- or a much different one -- than Stephen's; the two are, after all, cross-linked in any number of blogrolls.

And the SGS blog seems very much an extension of its author's extroverted cabaret persona, so Tboy didn't imagine for a moment that drawing attention to the photo would upset anyone.


Ok...that is fair.
I just don't want it talked about anymore.
The more it is discussed, the more I feel uncomfortable for Parker, and Arena, even.
Two friends that I do not want to trouble.
I hope so.
I just don't want a fun photo to start a dialogue on Molly's direction, Arena, or anything else...
It was done in a giggle fest of 27 other calendar shots, and is what it is. I suppose if you put the picture up without the "Wow, Molly directed this?" caption, or even said...look-here are two cute actors half naked, I would have laughed and been fine...I just do not want it used to start some dialogue that it was never intended to use.
Git me?
That is all.
Pinky Swear.


I'm glad you voiced your concern over feeling uncomfortable, but you have to be careful posting stuff on the internet. That being said, you're a little stuck on yourself, aren't you SGS? Why don't you bring it down to earth.


And with that remark, I am done.
"Hee Hee", I don't know who you are, as you do not have the courage to display your identity, but if you mistook my sense of humor at being stuck on myself, then that is your stupidity.
I am not posting on this catty site anymore.
This is not what I am about as an artist.



I'm with Stephen on this one. Given heehee's last comment, I can see how Stephen might worry -- having worked at Arena, and presumably wanting to work at Arena in future -- that somehow Tboy's irreverent headline for his picture would spark a conversation that would devolve into a mean-spirited discussion of Molly Smith's direction.

I think we're done with this thread.

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