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Wednesday, 01 March 2006


Christopher Henley

It was quite interesting to read Ben Brantley's review of the post-Cherry Jones B'way cast, led by Eileen Atkins and Ron Eldard, and how the new cast radically, in his view, changed the experience of the play, and not in a good way:

Today's Times, by the way, has a review of a new theatre piece with music (reviewed by the opera critic) called DARKLING: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/03/02/arts/music/02dark.html?_r=1&oref=slogin
It's directed by DC ex-pat (and WSC alum) Michael Comlish, and features Carol Monda (Hayes nominee for Consenting Adults' MORTICIANS IN LOVE, among many other local credits).


From what I have heard from people working on the tour if people in DC want to see the tour they need to go to Bmore... not coming to DC!!

Christopher Henley

speaking of where-are-they-nows,i saw the indy spirit awards over the weekend and saw that an actor from d.c. was nominated, though he lost to matt dillon:

Supporting male
Firdous Bamji, "The War Within"

some will remember him in "the lisbon triviatta" at studio. he also worked at the shakespeare theatre; i remember him in particular in the "richard ii" with richard thomas. he did a read at w.s.c. of a play that t.j. edwards wrote.

and, speaking of t.j., he is in "measure for measure" now at the pearl in nyc, and has reverted to the name t.j. edwards (he was going as jay edwards for a while):

that theatre is run by a d.c. ex-pat, sheppard sobel, who used to act at the folger (late 70s). the angelo in that production is sean mcnall, who was the lead in "corpus christie" at source, and is hayes nominated as a co-author of "columbinus." hasn't been reviewed yet in the times, i don't think.

Christopher Henley

Oh! I should also have mentioned that yesterday's Times has a full page ad for the Shakespeare in Washington Festival, and lists DC companies like STC, WSC, Folger, Woolly, Studio, Synetic, several others. I wonder how much a full page ad costs? I guessed about $3,000, but that's just a wild guess. Ads aren't online, I don't think, but check it out if you have access to hardcopy.

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