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Monday, 06 March 2006



If Bedrock is smart they will do a couple things. They will find a way to not buy the space.They will contribute heavily to the new management of the theater space and any companies that use it. And they will put their new billiards hall near buy to reap any good will they build by doing these first two things.

Anyone know about a new theater space being built down by Studio Theater? Ive see drawings and it looks to be a black box theater.

Too Old, Too Tired

I think the proposals are great. I wish I could believe that they will be carefully considered. I'm afraid they are too little, too late, and that the Source Board will not given them the consideration they deserve.

And I wish that Bedrock was sufficiently concerned about a community backlash that it would find a way to not buy the space.

I wish I could believe the effort to save the Source venue would be successful. Alas, I do not. I doubt that an economic model could be found that would make any proposal economically viable. Source, with a single auditorium, and no adjacent space where a second auditorium could be located, faces problems generating revenue. The Kennedy Center, Arena, Shakespeare, Studio, Signature, Wooly Mammoth and others locally and nationally have embraced a business model that uses an attraction in one auditorium to promote an attraction in another auditorium. Source, or any successor consortium of arts organizations operating in that space, can't do that, and so must concentrate on programming multiple concurrent attractions in a single space that isn't designed to do that well or easily. But I applaud the efforts to save the venue, even if I'm afraid they are too little, too late and face decision-makers at Source that will be reluctant to back down at this point.

And while I agree that "if Bedrock is smart" they would find a way to not buy the space", the bigger problem is that if there were enough community support for the effort to save the Source as a performance venue, there wouldn't be a need to save the Source, because Source would be producing and viable. That's the ultimate Catch-22.


Too -

Let's see if we can logic our way out of that funk:

1. You say the proposals are too little, too late - but to be fair, you don't know what's in them.

2. You doubt that an economic model could be found to render the space viable - in fact, I'd tend to agree as a performance-only space with only one stage. However, remember that instructional programs and corporate work can be major revenue raisers with minimal overhead and space requirements by comparison. (and they can go on during the week , and use that upstairs front space simultaneously, wringing a lot more revenue out of the square footage.)

3. You say that the real underlying problem is an endemic problem of lack of community support. I say that Source died from other, internal, causes, and the community support is strong for the right theater. (witness the petition, after all - 720 signatures and counting...)

delayed response

I just have a question about "because's" comment. What makes the Source area "theater row," the fact that Studio is on the same street, six blocks away?

If anything, I would think the theater district is down by the Lansburg, Woolly, and the soon to be Washington Stage Guild space stretching down to Ford's, the National and the Warner, effectively making E St. from 6th to 14th "theater row."

Not to say that the Source space shouldn't be spared, but I think it's location as part of some larger, localized, theater district is not really a valid point. In fact, it's exactly BECAUSE there isn't a lot of theaters in that area that it should be saved.


You are right that now it's mainly the Zinoplex that constitutes theatre row. But historically it was Studio, Source, Woolly, the Living Stage Space, at least two bars that let people do theatre in them that no longer exist, and Playbill. So at one time a few years ago there could have been 4 or even more shows going on within walking distance of each other. (The Zinoplex's southern edge is at P, Source and Living Stage are at T - 4 blocks.)

Hence the name. Here's hoping that area can still legitimately be called theatre row in the future.

Too Old, Too Tired

I never said I knew the proposals were too little too late. I said I was afraid that they will prove to be too little too late --- not however, a fear that has less to do with the consortium or its proposals, than with the Source decision-makers who willl review them.

Your point about the petition, however, is encouraging. It suggests there is -- and has been -- a reservoir of support that the Source management either failed to enlist, or chose not to enlist, in defense of the theatre. If given a chance, I hope they will back up their collective voices with their collective wallets and purses. Ultimately, we probably agree, more than you could know, that Source "died" from other, internal causes. Bad choices, bad management, bad luck, and some acts that bordered on criminal -- and have never been reported.

But I wish I had coined the term "Zinoplex". I'm going to be LMAO over that one for a couple of days.


I really did come up with that one on my own. Feel free to spread it around. When I hear others using it I will remain silent, but I will kvell inwardly.



that's hot.


"Zinoplex" Oh thats great. lol

Can we make tee shirts that say that? :-)


As far as I'm concerned it would be hilarious. I'd begin to be tempted to tell someone who I really am, since I don't work there and it seems to be a joke that has found an audience. There is this image you get because one has lost track of how many spaces are running in there - Buying a ticket for "Fat Pig" and then ducking into opening day of "Ice Age II, The Meltdown" or something.


Too -

"fear that has less to do with the consortium or its proposals, than with the Source decision-makers who willl review them."

*Optimistic go-get-'em grin slowly slides from face*

There is that. There is that.

*Looks at floor*

Bordered on criminal?


Someone tell me if I'm mistaken, but isn't the former Living Stage space, aka "Arena on 14th" still in existance? I've seen shows in their downstairs space, which had been converted into a very servicable black box. I also worked there for a short time while it was Living Stage, and I can tell you they had a wonderful upstairs space too and a fair amount of office space.

Now that I'm thinking of it, wouldn't it be great if Arena would invest in that place instead of the new "cradle" theatre they're planning on attatching to their own building? The Living Stage had a much less public history than Source, but it was rich none the less.


WSG is there at present. (The old Living Stage space)

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