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Thursday, 23 March 2006



I have no idea what that post was about, which I guess is a good thing.


I'm with you, "huh". Must have something to do with the whole Tom Cruise, Chef, South Park bruhaha. Or at least, be as significant.

Jack Marshall

A very thoughtful and sound post, TBoy; I wouldn't disagree with any of it, and of course, I know exactly what you're talking about. Blogging is a powerful means of communication, and those who engage in it have to take care not use it in a way that gratuitously hurts others, intentionally or otherwise, and be prepared to own up and apologize if they do. From what I have read, your blog has walked this tightrope deftly indeed. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for that.


I'm just happy to say 'I didn't do it' this time! :)


Arg Tboy, why do you torture us so. I have no idea of what you are typing....


Never fails, I always find it after I give up looking. I don't really know either of the two combatants (or the blogger and the combatants knight in shining armor, as it were), but I am starting to really enjoy reading that blog of hers.

In regards to the dustup, back in the day when Cherry Red had PlaySkool, I was guilty of occasionally bashing shows I had seen and hated while others praised them to the sky. When it got a lil too nasty (off the rails of raillery?) my wife would remind me to think about the kind of energy I put out into the world. Don't punch holes in other peoples boats, and all that. Though I don't totally agree with the 'never' aspect and 'always play nice', there are some people and situations that deserve it.

I'm not sure that this is one of those situations. (But like I said, I don't really know the two in question.)

Do we have to like everybody and always get along? Sometimes the drama is educational (for everybody). I hesitate to say what I've learned, but it doesn't reflect well on everybody involved.

"Oh, does so and so have a big ego?"

"Oh, does so and so always pick fights and cause trouble?"


So who did Jack Marshall piss off now? Bet he has goats in his back yard again.


Now, now. Let's all play nice. Though the goats bit *is* funny.



Just as a point of interest were you the one who wrote the review of Ubu and said everyone in the show was good but Scott McCormick? If so remind me to hit you up side the head tonight.

Nothing but warm wishes,

Jack Marshall

The goats and I parted on very good terms, but my neighbors and wife have barely spoken to me in the two years since they arrived, so , yeah, heihachi has a valid point...


Neighbors and wife dont speak to you anymore? Where can I get some goats? lol


in reading this post and comment thread, i've gone from curious to afraid.



Lucky Spinster,

Jack and TACT did a production of Mr. Roberts a couple of years back that included a live goat on stage. Apparently the goat got out of his back yard during the run and one of his neighbors turned him in for having a goat which isnt allowed under code in Alexandria.

Jack Marshall

Novathespian: just for the record...it was TWO goats, they escaped FOUR times (in three months) and the neighbor in the final escape didn't have to report me, because he was an Alexandria judge. The one neighbor who actually liked the goats was the one who owned two Belgian sheepdogs, who happily herded Catherine and Heidi when they jumped into the dogs'enclosure.

TACT's "Mister Roberts" wasn't what it could or should have been, but we definitely had a better goat than the Kennedy Center's production.

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