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Tuesday, 18 April 2006



enjoyed the city desk recap. made me sorry i missed lynskey's ass.

hm. i don't really have stories i can share--i did hear and see several things last night that i had to lock away in The Vault. and it was fun to watch certain people try to avoid each other--we all have such tangled histories.

let's see--the food was MILES better than last year's puny wieners. and i thought arlene kogod's speech was sincere and moving. and i LOVED howard's hair.

i immensely enjoyed the accidental humor of the "i had a dream" speech (though the feminist in me cringes any time an actress gets up there and does the gosh-golly breathless thing).

and yeah, what was with the speech about the naked men? i felt kinda dirty after that. and not in a good way.

basically, i think we're all a bunch of strange birds. and definitely in a good way.

deaf in both ears

Yet another award ceremony gone and I'm left wondering again whether or not it's possible for Toby's Dinner Theater to lower their deafening decibel level. Yes, yes, we're all happy you were nominated, but Jesus! Y'all holler like high schoolers. It's not the Gong Show, there's no applause-o-meter determining the outcome. God forbid you actually win something and we all go home as responsive as Pete Townshend.

I don't mean to rain on your parade, I'm truly happen when any organization not a part of the big theater illuminati gets recognized. I guess I'm just still crabby from nursing the headache I got last night.


Hah -- forgot the annual Toby's shriekfest. Meant to mention that, actually.


Everyone and their mother seemed to get a drink spilled on them pre and post show. Some just a touch of red wine on a white cuff, some hugged their way into their own water glass, and I saw one young lady get what I thought was water all over her strapless bare chest. Turned out it was melty ice leftovers from a rum and coke. She said it made her dress 'stick' better....

....that made the night for me...


I politely disagree. Being a Toby's Dinner Theatre proud alum, I applaud their enthusiasm and pride in their fellow colleagues. And I noted that it was not just Toby's crew who was screaming loudly, it was many upstart companies, who were shrieking in pure joy and appreciation for their nominations. These companies work so hard at what they do, and don't get the support that other juggernauts do.
I find their shrieks of joy charming, and also note that support and excitement for their craft is not something to turn the volume down on.
If it caused anyone headaches, that is unfortunate...but at a function where the song "Doing the Butt" was played on the dance floor...need we discuss decorum?
Helen Hayes night is a night when we all sit down in a room together and share our mutual pride. Other's pride comes in many different expressions.
Good for them, I say.


The smaller companies should yell their asses off. Otherwise no one will ever give them the time of day. Jeeezzz it's a party dammit.


I want to say despite several smoke breaks the evening went down relatively pain free. On my first smoke break, I saw fire works for Emancipation Celebrations. Second smoke break ran into Greg Henry. Third smoke break nothing. Fourth smoke break ran into Rick F right after he won his Hayes. Fifth smoke break I swear I saw some woman's nipple. After that it all gets a little hazy, must have been all that smoke.


Well, I, for the second year in a row, embarassed myself by making jokes about a theatre company while their intern/office staff was seated directly beside me. 2 companies down, 83 to go.

I'll never get work in this town.

I'm also ashamed for showing my nipple to dception during a bathroom break.


A lot more fun & less pretentious than the HH gala is the Washington Area Community Theatre Honors (WATCH) one, every January or February at the Birchmere.

"These companies work so hard at what they do, and don't get the support..." NOR DO THEY GET PAID.

But like HH, there's too much shrieking from some nominated companies (not even when they've WON, try when their nomination is mentioned) - that kind of stuff sounds too college or high school for me and hurts my ears too...


Let us be clear here. I don't get the yelling and squealing either. But before we all prove our age, this is exciting for younger performers. Especially those involved with musical theater establishments are made up of a good numer of younger folk. And for us to be going off like the geriatrics that many of us are becoming please realize they are college kids.
They paid their money let the scream a little bit.
By the way how do you WATCH out of Washington Area Community Theatre Honors shouldn't it be WACTH?

ye olde geezer

I guess I'm a geezer then, 'cause all the shrieking just smacks of a high school pep rally.


As pointed out many of the performers are 20 somethings, not far removed from those tender highschool years and what is an awards event but a pep rally anyway? God I hope I never get to the point where loud music or clubs gets on my nerves. For me there is still nothing like taking in a loud show at the 9:30 standing 5 feet from the bass player.


WHAT's a nice GAY like YOU--DOING with an asspic like THIS!?
(Never mind. I understand. I would too.)
MS. LYNSKEY is fabulous... and 'delectable' indeed.


Ooops - I meant Washington Area Theatre Community Honors. www.washingtontheater.org

And I see lots of actors on the DC stages in their 30s & 40s...


Yes, but how many of us are happy about it?

Proud Old Fart

I am. There isn't enough money in the world to get me to do my teens and 20s over again.

You all have fun lamenting the loss of your obscenely high liquor tolance and elastic healing properties. I'm just happy to be rid of the goddamn stupid behavior.


Ok please post a picture of the sign. Not like her ass needs a sign to make it more tantelizing. :-)

Her beauty, talent and personality are all attractive and amazing.



The WATCH Awards I have been to were even more pretentious and loud then the Helen Hayes Awards. You have Companies like Port Tobacco, who do some amazing sets and tech, that shriek as if they were LSD eating Chimpanzees on fire whenever their company name is mentioned.


Actually, the year I went to the WATCH gala, it wasn't Port Tobacco at all, it was Elden Street Players screaming in overdrive because 2 of their shows won 2/3 of the total awards (there are 20-some total). That's right, 2/3. I counted. It got so unbelievable that people started to leave before the biggest awards were given out. Even the other VA theatres grumbled about that year, let alone the DC & MD groups.

Oh, and too-long acceptance speeches, and the women who SOBBED when they won their award! Like they had just given birth or gotten married!
Aside from the bad-taste "I Have a Dream" speech, how many HH winners wept, beat their breast and wailed???



Are those crickets? I haven't fulfilled my "bitching" needs for the week with no new postings!

Should we talk about the latest Liberal Media theatre reviews? A disussion about season announcements? Show and tell?


I have no idea what you are talking about. Liberal Media Theater Reviews? That souds rediculous.


Liberal Media Review = Bitching that there isn't enough nudity in theatre.
Conservative Media Review = Bitching that there is too much nudity in theater.


okay, so i'm a little late commenting on the toby's dinner theatre thread. but i just drove by lazy susan dinner theatre and am now avoiding some actual work, so...

as someone averse to loud noises, i can see how the shrieking could cause annoyance at best and headaches at worst.

HOWEVER, as far as the maturity level of the shriekers goes, there are worse things than squealing with glee at an awards ceremony...namely, having a stick up your butt about people enjoying themselves in public. it's called puritanism.

there's far too little unrestrained joy inside the beltway these days. let's let the kids have their fun. all too soon they'll be quietly jaded and bitter like the rest of us.

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