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Wednesday, 12 April 2006



No idea what you are talking about, again.

Kathleen A.

Maybe this is apocrypha, but I have this idea that you're Not Allowed To Say who the others are on the horrible outside chance they haven't heard it yet from the AuH20ians themselves. But I'm fairly certain from what I've heard that the theme this year is "people who don't own a comb," myself included!


Sweet, so I'm getting an award!


Whoops. Don't I feel silly.

Although, if we're Not Supposed to Say, then the nice little old lady at the [Awards Redacted] shoulda told me I'm Not Supposed to Say when she was running down the list.

She said there was gonna be a press release any minute!

But wait: "...the AuH20ians themselves"? Now I'm the one who's lost...


No, wait, now Tboy has caught up. Forgive him: Chemistry was never his subject.


Suddenly transported back to my youth, when those who supported Barry Goldwater's 1964 presidential campaign sported bumper stickers that read AuH20


Compose yourself got his last year so it can't be everyone who doesn't own a comb.


what the f*ck are you people talking about?


Periodic Table, Spinster. Periodic Table.


Really? Slice? They gonna give you a little statuette or somethang?

That's hot, dude.

Heihachi...mayhaps you can sport that fine-lookin' white wig from this past summer...

When are the award recipients published?


Soonish, apparently. Nice Lady B said press release in a day or so. Nice Lady A had already read Tboy a list of names, though, so. Tboy apologizes to anyone whose surprise has been spoiled.


congrats kathleen. well deserved. woo hoo! kick ass. etc. etc. awards night is, according to an email from somebody else who got one - Monday, May 22 - for those of you who need to pencil into calendars. but it bet it's past my bedtime.


They always say that the Helen Hayes awards is a good indicator as to who will win the AuH2O's ....
wait---they just give it to you? No competition with the other people?

I could have sworn that Suzie and Karl had to fight it out for the statue last year, battle royale-style...


No death match, but there was a reason Karl didn't show-up to pick his up last year. He said something about walking into a door.


congrats, kathleen!! and the other combless folks. that's wonderful!


congrats kathleen. i hope the company (fellow recipients) doesn’t in any way diminish the award for you. of course i am speaking of rorschach, if my comb had any teeth left i would comb their hair myself. tick ridden bastards, all of them.


We no longer have ticks Dan. We had a trained school nurse come in and inspect all of us with a pair of rubber gloves and tongue depressors and we all got a clean bill of health. Cogratulations to all of the winners and Dan too I guess.


Forget it. I'm buying a comb then. Like Kanye West, "I feel like I'm the only one who ever got robbed and kept all my jewelry".

Seriously though, congratz all. Carbon Oxygen Manganese Boron for teh win!!!1!

George Spelvin

I love the Mary G's. Everybody already knows who won, it's laid back and informal, and the folks who give it are as sweet as they come. Although the speeches get a little wacky sometimes. Remember the guy a few years ago making an award presentation who talked about where to get good barbecue, instead of talking about the recipient?

And statuette shmatuette-- you get $$$!


Occasional resume snafus aside, it's amazing how knowledgeable they are of the recipient's oeuvre.

Kathleen A.

Thanks Dan, you too. I love the company I'm keeping in this honor, and I have actually NAMED all my ticks. You know this is true.

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