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Friday, 05 May 2006



It deserves to be said: this is good news and a positive turn of events. I'd like to commend Karl on the way he comported himself throughout this saga. He exuded grace and class, and proved himself to have a character worthy of emulation in any circumstance or setting.


I am really very glad to hear (uh... read) this news.


I know all the people involved in this situation and I can tell you...these blogs are upsetting all of them. The hashing and re-hashing of this story is hurtful. It's plain hurtful. Hurtful to Karl. Hurtful to the actor that was replaced. Even hurtful to PJ. Obviously there were many, many factors here that went into the decision. If you are an actor or a director, please, you cannot throw the first stone. It's a shitty business...someone doesn't get a job. Someone drops out for something better. Someone doesn't hire someone. I think the worse thing we can do if we sympathize with the actors who received these injustices is move the fuck on. Because two days from now you'll drop out of the non-aea offnight show to take your first Equity paycheck. All three people involved are still friends with each other and understood all the decisions that were made...and NONE of them were happy about any of it.

They are all incredible, passionate people...who have all made mistakes...but are human enough to admit them and not get wrapped up in all this drama...which is truly what it is.

If you want to support Karl...go see the show...I hear it's amazing, better than it was before...perhaps because of all this...perhaps it could have avoided all this...but at the end of the day the show was the ONLY show in DC in the last three years (at least) that transferred to NY...and that's pretty amazing.


Hot Feet (National Theatre)

Hilda (Studio Theatre)

On Golden Pond (Kennedy Center)

Blue (Arena Stage)

Shall we go farther back?


"I know all the people involved in this situation and I can tell you...these blogs are upsetting all of them."

Oh, gah. Who are you? Richard Cohen? Blogs don't hurt people. The actions taken by people that are incidentally noticed and noted by blogs hurt people.


This didn't get on the street because anyone's phone was bugged. Or because any confidences were violated. And now, this one is over.

Should there be a discussion of under what circumstances it is appropriate to terminate employment? Whether that means firing someone or quiting? Maybe so.

But come on. Not only have the posts on all the blogs involved been pretty tame and mainly rah-rah type stuff for Karl Miller, but, bless his heart and who can blame him, Karl Miller's blog was the source of the story.

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