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Wednesday, 03 May 2006



that's awesome. AND greasy.

welcome back! we were like pip lost at sea without you.

(does anyone even get that reference? besides jack marshall, i mean?)


"...from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee..." it's from Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan, right?


"There is an old Klingon proverb: 'Revenge is a dish best served cold' and space is very cold." Star Trek II Wrath of Khan, I love the classics.


JM--please tell me you at least had to google for the exact quote.

Godzilla--thanks for reminding me that you will always be a bigger dork than i.


Of course I am a bigger dork. I am like 6'1" you are maybe 4'11" tops.


Luckyspinster: Of course some of the rest of us get it. If not from actually having read the book, or having seen the several movie adaptations of the novel at least by osmosis as Jack has done the show three times now. One of these days they will kill that whale, or if Orson had his way they would have already. lol


'zilly--you deliberately misread, my big spiny friend. besides, 4'11" my sweet assterisk--i'm 5'5" (and my resume says i'm "135" elbees heh heh). hey, wait a minute, shouldn't you be like 300 feet long? either that or 3 inches high for the tiny soundset?

NT--i know. of course i didn't really mean no one else would get it, but just that JM would be all over that reference like white on rice, baby, like a jackrabbit dancin' 'round that hole.


Jack Marshall

VERY impressed that Novathespian knows that in Orson's original version of MDR, Ahab actually kills the White Whale; VERY worried that the Welles estate will finally hunt me down for cutting that part; and pretty depressed that there are so many people who think Khan's quote originated with Riccardo Montalban.


Let us say for argument's sake that there are some of us unaware at the time of our first viewing of the Wrath of Khan in 1982 that there was a book called Moby Dick. Let us say that for a 9 year old that part of the greatest Star Trek movie of them all went right over our heads. Let us think that perhaps there was a part of us so moved by those lines that we remembered them until we were sujected to reading the book about Ahab and the Whale. And then we go back and we think Wrath of Khan is even cooler and notice the copy of Moby Dick and Paradise Lost sitting on Khan's night stand. Eventually we all figure these things out.
Now: "Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!" -General Chang - Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country


LS : Just remember that mentioning Welles and Moby Dick in the same breath can cause Jack to get overly excited. Hell just mentioning Welles causes a Pavlovian response in Jack. But instead of drooling he will talk for hours about Welles. lol. But that isn't a problem if you as big of a fan of Welles as I am. But if you mention Welles AND Moby Dick in the same breath he can get almost giddy.

I wouldn't worry about the estate coming after you. They are still hiding from embarrassment after he did all those wine commercials

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