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Friday, 09 June 2006



One of our cast members passed this accident Thursday night and was talking about it in the dressing room last night. He didn't know who the victim was. I'm horrified to find out it was Emily.

I met Emily at a Helen Hayes function this year and chatted with her at length. She seemed like a lovely person - interested, interesting and articulate. What a terrible loss.


Emily was student of mine in a class I taught at Woolly. She was a gentle, funny, brave person. Such a loss.


I worked on a short reading for Venus Theatre with Emily and she was a wonderfuly smart and exciting person. This is very sad.


Emily's husband, Robert, has set up a memorial page at http://fenichel.net/pages/family/Emily.htm which includes a lovely picture that captures Emily spirit.

My offices share space with Zero to Three, and they are working to set up a memorial fund. As soon as I hear more, I'll post it here. She was clearly a cherished member of her organization.

On my first day a few weeks ago, Emily saw me and exclaimed, "Kate! You're dressed!" in reference to the "Fat Pig" posters. Work isn't the same without her great sense of humor.

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