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Wednesday, 30 August 2006



It's worth noting that Tony Kushner has an ugly history with Hedy Weiss that predates this incident. When "Caroline, or Change" ran in Chicago, she included in her review the sentence: "Kushner, in the classic style of a self-loathing Jew, has little but revulsion for his own roots."

Kushner replied with a scathing letter to the paper's editor, which they printed. You can read a both Weiss's review and Kushner's letter here.


Oops -- a correction to my previous comment. She was reviewing the Broadway production of "Caroline" for the Sun-Times, not covering a local Chicago show.


Weidman apologizes:


The New York Times

Arts, Briefly

Compiled by BEN SISARIO

September 9, 2006

Apologies to a Critic

John Weidman, president of the Dramatists Guild of America, apologized for a mistake he made in his censure of Hedy Weiss, a theater critic for The Chicago Sun-Times. On Aug. 16, when Ms. Weiss wrote a scathing review of the eight musicals at Stages 2006, a festival of shows in development presented by Theater Building Chicago, Mr. Weidman wrote to The Sun-Times condemning her for reviewing works in progress. But on Wednesday he wrote to the paper again, acknowledging that one of his main assertions — that Ms. Weiss’s decision to review was “in violation of the express wishes of the theater” — was not true. He apologized for the error, saying he was given false information, but added that Ms. Weiss’s coverage still remained “irresponsible and unprofessional.” The letter concludes: “To the extent that I criticized Weiss inaccurately, I was unfair, and I regret it.”

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