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Tuesday, 15 August 2006



geez... so many great theaters missing...

forget what makes something the "best theater" what pray tell, makes something "a theater"?


I see what they were trying to do, I guess. But on the heals of the Fringe Fest, that sold out shows no one had even heard of before, one has to question the scientific validity of a poll like this.

No question the Usual Suspects get votes from people who watch WUSA. But based on all the people I spoke with who did no name shows for no name companies in holes in the wall and had to turn people away...In polls, how you ask the question determines the answers you get. No disrespect to the theatres named that were once not unlike the Fingistas. But still, the success of the Cap-Fringe was informative.


I really gotta check out that Kennedy Center place. Sounds AWESOME!

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