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Wednesday, 27 September 2006



Thanks for the link Tboy.

After the reading of his play STUFF HAPPENS earlier this month, David Hare said that he has been actively trying to get it produced in D.C., but has been unsuccessful. Every theatre has turned it down, claiming that its "last season's play" and therefore not worth producing. He suspects that they are just reluctant to produce a work that shines such a bright light on the current administration.

So I suppose you won't be able to see it till 2009.

STUFF HAPPENS is as much "a paste job" as WEST SIDE STORY is just a rehash of Romeo & Juliet.


It's pretty incendiary. There was a free reading here in NY a few weeks ago. Kind of a shame that some of the "bold" and "daring" theatres seem to be reluctant in doing it.

Another question is why did a piece like this not exist until someone from OVERSEAS wrote it?

Makes you think.

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