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Tuesday, 26 September 2006



Interestingly, the summary of this blog post says "Tboy giggled audibly when he read these words" while the post itself says "Tboy nearly spat coffee."

It's like Rashomon!

the full bloglines summary here:
As a five-year veteran of USA TODAY -- where, he should qualify, he worked with many a talented and committed individual -- Tboy giggled audibly when he read these words, penned by Michael Kinsley on the topic of the future of newspapers: Some believe that the answer is to restore local ownership. Newspapers were born free, and yet everywhere they are in chains, like Gannett.


Arrrgh. Tboy's secret is out: He has been known to revise and edit.

In this case, he posted -- then realized that the headline, which had occurred to him at the eleventh hour, wasn't properly reflective of the body text. (He was once a copy editor, y'know.) So he updated. Like, a minute later, too.

Damn Bloglines for being quick on the draw!

Lucky Spinster

please reassure us we may safely assume that Tboy's spit-take was born more from Kinsley's juxtaposition of Rousseau's profound statement on the human condition with the fate of McPaper than from what surely must be at least partially feigned shock at such criticism of Gannett's ownership.

and i am NOT blogging from MacDowell before the 6:30 dinner bell (and they actually do ring a bell). nor are there very many squirrels here.

Lucky Spinster

oops. i think i meant "was borne more..." .

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