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Saturday, 16 September 2006



A couple...

What part does political theatre play in our nation's capitol?

How much regional theatre do they see?


I thought you did a nice job with this. It was nice to hear the thoughts of such an ecclectic group of artistic directors...


HP: Don't think we didn't talk about political theater. Jokingly, of course.

HW: Thanks.

Everybody: Tboy found this observation in a WashPost profile of "creative class" guru Richard Florida, written by Tboy's former CP colleague Annys Shin. He invites you all to consider how it might apply to the theater scene:

"The only really culturally innovative thing besides go-go was that whole new-wave punk movement that came out of DC in the '80s," Florida said, adding that it "had a lot to do with a lot of smart kids going to college here and cheap rents to create spaces like the 9:30 Club."

Tboy has no doubt there are a bunch of smart kids making theater straight outta college here. (More than one of yesterday's ADs talked about the breadth of local training programs.) The cheap rents that make cheap performance spaces possible, though...

The entire Florida profile is here.

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