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Sunday, 08 October 2006


Lucky Spinster

TBoy saves the day! up here at MacDowell all the playwrights are up in arms and we weren't gonna send in anything.

(oh, and i definitely won't be coming back to DC with 7.2 plays, but after two weeks of napping and "creative thinking" [read: lying in bed trying to nap] i've found my groove--i finished a full-length, wrote another full-length start-to-finish, wrote a short play, and still have ten days left to bang out more! MacDowell respects the artistic process so much more than even the artists do--they take amazing care of you here. i think i may have a hard time adjusting when i return--it's so quiet my own breathing seems loud. as great as it is here i'll be glad to be back home--i miss everyone!)

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