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Wednesday, 15 November 2006


Aidan Jareth

Funny that you're so excited about the return of this show, because I've been in a perpetual state of wonder since the end of the first season as to whether anyone in the world, other than myself, witnessed its glories!

How could something we knew was going to happen from the opening credits of Season 1 have been so face shatteringly shocking?

I do worry that the show might lose a certain tone and quality without the presence of Cieran Hinds, but if the story is now moving on to the war between Octavius and Marc Anthony, then perhaps that alone will suffice (because I hate to say it, I'm not sure how much Lindsay Duncan will be a factor in the coming season).

I did hear rumours that regardless of the success of this season, it will be the end of the show for good, as the production cost and relatively low ratings of the first season are not lucrative bargaining points to make it an ongoing series.

Shame, could have eventually become an updated HBO edition of the BBC's "I, Claudius" in a few more seasons.

And as the series shows us, they've miraculously discovered that the Roman tongue was startingly similar to a British accent . . . so I had a good shot.


Wait a minute, you're British?

Aidan Jareth

This begs the question Scott: Have you just been calling me 'limey' for the last year and a half as a grossly misinformed term of endearment?

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