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Thursday, 25 January 2007



The new design looks great in Internet Explorer, but is not compatible with Firefox 2.0 -- all the content is squished into the skinny left-hand column... Just FYI!


Arrrgh. Looks good in my Firefox -- but that's 1.5. Will see if I can figure that out... Anybody else having trouble?

Lucky Spinster


the site now takes forever to load and your sidebar is more outta control than a tween girl's bedroom wall that's been decorated with a grillion hansen posters.


Lucky Spinster

oh, that came out way harsh. sorry. now i feel mean. i forgot that rule about humor not being so funny when it's at someone else's expense.


Are you kidding? I spat coffee.

It is atrociously busy, the sidebar. I'm working on it. Just can't decide what to get rid of ... must consolidate, or something. Maybe only 3 books/videos, etc. And I think I will get rid of at least one ad.

Slow pageloads, though: I expect that has to do with the excess of YouTube I've been posting lately. Sorry, y'all. I've had a little jones. I'll try to keep 'em down to one a week. [grin]

Greg Robleto

Hey Tboy,

I walk that line as a prof. web designer, and bigtime theatre buff. I hit the Snap previews all over this page, and saw primarily a lot of previews to pre-made Blogger templates. That's not really helping sell the sites you link to, and in the process it is eating into your load time.

My 2 cents is unless your poll refutes it, the Snaps are not serving a core purpose for your site and your users needs.

All the best.


I'm totally with you on that. They looked like fun when I saw them elsewhere, but they annoy the crap out of me here. And so far, the poll seems to indicate that others feel the same way. They're probably doomed....

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