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Tuesday, 02 January 2007



Reminds me of the time I took issue with Jonathan Yardley for an article he wrote saying...something like "What's all this hooha about 'Important Books?' 'Ulysses' my Aunt Fanny. 'À la recherche du temps perdu' THIS!" I'm pretty sure that's almost word for word what he wrote, though I wouldn't say so if I were using my real name since the original article could be dug up and his Aunt Fanny probably never entered into it.

So anyway, I says to him in a letter, I says, "Great idea. You get to college and instead of "Crime and Punishment" you read "Pet Cemetery." Of course, though we didn't have this expression back then, I was thinking "Oh, snap!" as I dropped it in the mailbox.

So he writes back. My hands were shaking as I opened the Washington Post stationary. And he says to me, he says, typed out on a manual typewriter and signed with his name in blue ink, "Thank you for your opinion. Unfortunately, I do not share it. Jonathan Yardley."

What a buzzkill. He actually answered my letter but he didn't even get mad. Western Civilization really IS coming to an end, though Miss Manners is wrong in thinking that the way we know this is that no one sits down and writes notes anymore.

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