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Tuesday, 30 January 2007


Lucky Spinster

theatre, god, sex, hypocrisy--ooooh, i like it when you talk dirty to me.

now i so totally wanna download a gospel ringtone for my cell.


The CIVILIANS are a really interesting ensemble based troupe that creates their plays through interviews. It's next generation Tectonic. They also tour. It would be interesting to see if anyone might be able to host them in DC area. Also, anyone catch the HBO Pelosi-daughter documentary on the religious right? Very well done. Stars the same Ted Haggard mentioned above - before the fall.


The founding artistic director of Civilians, Steve Cosson, is from Potomac. While at Dartmouth, he did a semester working at Source in the late 80s. He is a really interesting person, and incredibly smart. Last time I saw him, he came to WSC's EDWARD II, and we went to Childe Harold afterwards to catch up, but that was a long time ago, well before he began Civilians. Cool to read about him in NYTimes from time to time...most recently over the summer in a write up on the Orchard Project Catskills retreat in which he participated. I recognized the name and knew from the quote it was our boy.

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