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Thursday, 18 January 2007


Kryztov Lindquist

I totally agree about Salome...Mindful that there is the slight danger that this forthcoming suggestion may be perceived as self-promotion, nevertheless I will push on. For Strauss lovers and lovers of great poetry(Tenneyson) check out "Enoch Arden" with Michael York narrating and John Bell Young on piano. I was a producer and editor on the project.
It is available at Americuscd.com or Amazon and other online outlets. It is a lovely piece and exquistely packaged. If I do say so myself...(oops!!!) Hope you enjoy it!

Kryztov Lindquist

Some editor! Sorry ... should read... Tennyson.

Kryztov Lindquist

If I may...in the spirit of full disclosure, I personally do not benefit financially from any purchases of Enoch Arden...however, you would be helping to support DC's largest, independent classical label... Americus. Thanks.

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