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Friday, 16 February 2007



For starters, there's Le Grand Content, which is now apparently a hit on youtube. Follow the link to indexed for more useful charts.


Poor Charlotte Rae.
Poor Joan Collins.
Is it possible to choose a side in this catfight?


I'm curious to hear thoughts on Ms. Spinster's "Rape of Lucrece" at WSC, which I think is a very cool project, and all the more admirable for its somewhat impromptu origins. I thought the WaPo review did a nice job of being even-handed while creating a good deal of interest in a new work, and one with a considerable level of difficulty. Matching wits and words with the Bard is no small feat, and it sounds like the Spinster has risen to the task.

Anyone who's seen it care to comment? My interest has been piqued...

PS tboy - The Friday open thread is a great idea. The first one was sprung on us unawares (hence my expanding the definition of "Friday" to include "Wednesday"). But now that we know it's here we can plan our pithy outbursts accordingly.

Lucky Spinster

thanks, gartman. i must admit, i'm curious to hear what tboy thought, too. ;)

i have to say, after such an intense and draining process of creation, i am REALLY enjoying talking to audience members and the occasional shakespeare scholars about this. for me that's the whole point of writing plays, the joy of sharing it with an audience. it's very cool to have worked on something so many people are curious about, and i'm trying to attend as many performances as possible to thank everyone for coming out.

there are a few things i want to flesh out and shape more deliberately in the script over the coming weekend and then i'm gonna see about sending it elsewhere.

big thanks to all my colleagues who have been SO supportive through this process--i have felt very encouraged along as a playwright not just on this project but on my other plays over the last few years. i especially feel very much a part of the community with this one--it was such a group effort!

and i can't say enough good things about christopher henley--through the entire process he offered an amazingly helpful level of creative feedback and professional support.

peace out, Brussels sprouts.

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