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Thursday, 08 February 2007


Ari Roth

The good news for Theater J is that, with an accomplished, committed cast of ten already in place, we've been able to move Paul Morella--who was to have played brother Franz Gerstein--into the lead role of Kurt Gerstein. Other superb members of the ensemble include Ralph Cosham, John Lescault, Conrad Feiniger, Meghan Grady, Elizabeth Richards, Clay Steakley, Parker Dixon, and John Michael MacDonald. Andrew Long contributed enormously to the development of the script this summer and I know he was keen to continue in the role. But the offer he received was too seductive to pass up. We do wish him well.

Ari Roth

And for those of you counting at home, the tenth member of our illustrious "Either, Or" ensemble is the newest member of our cast, John Dow. Best for last!

Elissa Goetschius

This was up on playbill.com Wednesday, but I haven't heard anything else...

Marc Kudisch to Star in American Premiere of Witches of Eastwick

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