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Thursday, 01 February 2007


Lucky Spinster



This play was a smart move if he doesn't want to be considered a child actor for the rest of his life. He may never shake "Harry Potter", but at least he may be taken seriously.

but honestly, god damn. Age and the gym has done his body good.


I dunno... he a little skinny for my taste, but good for him for breaking out of the Harry rut.


New girl, thought I'd chime in. From the straight girl sector, I've heard treasure trail, happy trail, and garden path. There's also a term for those muscular indentations above the thighs, but I can't post it here. He, ah... he looks good.

Lucky Spinster

and i thought i was so clever making the Equus connection. next time i'll click on the linkage. i thought it was just some weird Hank Potter thing. sigh.

happy trail.

yeah, what ARE those weird indenty hip things called? whatever they are, they are NOT normal. i don't think i want to go to bed with someone who works out more than i do.


It doesn't surprise any more, but it can still disappoint, how theatre is always the dutiful handmaiden to dominate culture and mass media. Even serious theatre is merely so much fodder for the PR machine of Celebrity Culture.

I'm not as bitter as I sound. Without the culture, there would be no culture-jamming.


So, if you link to the Andrew Sullivan post on this, you read that he, playing Alan in EQUUS, kept his knickers on because the audience was close and the play was done in the round. Jog my memory...wasn't the WSC EQUUS up close and in the round? Andrew Sullivan acts? Jog my memory...didn't he do a show at WSC? And I like the logic...Andrew Sullivan does it, so why shouldn't Theaterboy? By that logic, it's okay to invade Iraq and choose Bush over Gore. Andrew did...why shouldn't T'boy? So, why shouldn't T'boy exploit the sexuality of an underage boy...Andrew did. Whatever. You didn't even use the best shot of the several I sent you.



These are promo shots not porno shots. No one is exploiting the sexuality of an underage boy by displaying and commenting on advertisement.

If there is any exploitation in this, it is by Boy Radcliffe's stage mom or agent or whoever is "handling" him.


Henley: Bite me.

I do seem to recall that Andrew did something out there with y'all, but I think it was when I was living in Zim. Either that or it sounded boring.


Either way, I didn't see it, so I didn't bring it up.

As for up close and in the round: I'm almost with Andrew, regardless of what the script calls for. I confess there were times at your Equus -- it may have been when your Alan was crouched on the floor with his tail in the air -- where I was thinking less about the character's anguish than about the audience's. (Specifically, the internal monologue ran like this: "I do hope, for the sake of the people in that row in the front there, that that young man washed properly."

I'm just sayin'.

Nick: He's just foolin' about the exploitation. Note that he confesses to being among the people who sent 'em to me, in high-res, no less, trying to get a ... well, I can't say "rise," so I'll just let that thought trail off...

Kryztov Lindquist

We did it in 3/4 round and I kept my costume on until the Jill scene which was played in the nude and I recall that I only got down to my skivvies for riding Nugget.
One night I decided to ride nude and cleared it with management and cast. My only memory after that was... the glorious Alan Tanner who played Nugget commented backstage..." I don't think I like this game anymore" We all howled in muffled laughter(remember the old Source dressing rooms where not dressing rooms) and I put that one to bed.
Having seen the show in NY during its original run several times(I auditioned for it many times for various Dysarts... that is another woeful story)... I sat on the stage many times, but because of the size of the stage, there was never any real "invasion" due to the distance between spectator and actor.. albeit both on stage. As to Mr.Radcliff...break a leg kiddo!!


Sorry for the misread, Christopher, didn't realize you were one of the trafficers.

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