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Wednesday, 28 February 2007


Kryztov Lindquist

Mr Billington seems to overlook that a certain playwright, who in all his glory, has in my humble opinion... romanticised pain numerous times. As if we all are not guilty of or comforted by that frailty at some points in our lives?... if only as a defensive survival mechanism... how much poetry, art music would cultures be left with if pain was only presented in a dry, clinical and realistic way.

For an eloquent take on the British lexicon, check out Peter O'Toole's ( robbed of and Oscar... again!)recent comments on Shakespeare.
Not that Shaffer is the Bard, however I have seen this same complaint (Billington's) over the years re Equus and it strikes me as being a bit of self help pyscho babble. Pretentious...pernicious... wow! Was he reading his own review? The mind is not so easily catorgized.

Kryztov Lindquist

Just an afterthought...Years ago, my father gave me the below by RD Laing, framed ...it is part of a longer piece entitled... Knots

They are playing a game.
They are playing at not playing a game.
If I show them I see they are,
I shall break the rules and they will punish me.
I must play their game, of not seeing
I see the game.

Funny to have Laing taken to task under such circumstances. But that is only normal...isn't it?

It also reminds me of one of Clov's lines from Endgame..."you must learn to suffer better than that if you want them to weary of punishing you... some day." I think I paraphased, sorry, it has been many years.

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