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Monday, 12 March 2007



Isn't Rick from Louisiana? I seem to recall he's got the southern thing in his blood...

still alert

"Reasonably good?" I'm afraid I'm old enough to remember what Williams actually sounded like, before the slurring started, and Foucheux nailed it.

Congrats on the gig.


Y'know, Tboy shoulda thought of that. There's a good bit of Williams audio out there: I've just listened to a hysterical interview (last link on this page) in which Williams jokes about not being in any condition to notice whether his play Outcry was any good the first time it was produced in London, and about how "abominably" he behaved toward the creative team ...

And I've just gone back and listened to Rick again -- you're dead right. The drawl on the -ar sounds is especially eerie ...

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