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Sunday, 13 May 2007


Lucky Spinster

Fun while it lasted. Thanks for running your blahg for so long and for giving us a place to vent, sigh, laugh, dare, and lurk.

Peace out, cub scout.


You know what I will really miss? The fights.
T-boy, I now have one less place on the web to spend my time and that makes me sad. All the best.


Damn - between the demise of this blog and Lucky Spinster's, I've lost a major part of my online day.

Thanks for everything, Trey.

Kryztov Lindquist

As the "actor in question" mentioned above (I hope I am, otherwise I am about to make a complete ass of myself...) I think that I have received no nicer shock recently than to be mentioned in such a lovely way.

My "return" in Opus was a wonderful, terrifying, instructive experience. The Washington Stage Guild was so supportive and encouraging while also taking a chance on someone who had been off the boards for far too many years. Management, director, cast and crew put up with a scared actor who still longs for those nights and afternoons again. I will never forget our time together.
That fear is gone.

And so, this time, publicly, I would like to thank you Trey for starting Theaterboy and allowing me to be a very small part of the fun and thought that was a consistent source for theater news and yes... I am back in the game in no small part because of Tboy. If I may offer some humble advice to actors considering a long sabbatical, either desired or not... don't make it too long. It maybe like riding a bike or a horse, but the training wheels were almost needed and my "legs" were so sore some nights after rehearsals and early performances
that "walking" was a delicious struggle.
Love of theater did and does indeed come through!!! Merci mil. Until later...All the best!


Hi Kryztov....so glad your enormous talent has found its way back on the boards....hope this is just the beginning...meanwhile, I have a gift for you from Equus...please email your address so I can send it on up: [email protected]
Best Regards, Melinda

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